Customer Service

“Your own linen laundered to your specifications”

Sams Linen Hire Ltd can process your linen owned by you. Even if the linen is special or different, we have the skills and experience to process any kind of work.

We will collect, launder and deliver your own linen. With our history in commercial and domestic laundry we are able to collate, track and account for every piece of your valuable stock.

Sams Linen Hire Ltd are now able to offer you a completely managed customers owned stock system. We will barcode up your stocks for you and manage them in the same way as we manage our own rental stocks. This means you can control loss, abuse, and damage. This is an amazing system that offers you control that our competitors will not be able to rival!

Should you wish to purchase your own linen we can offer you our unique ranges of bed and table linen that can set your business apart from the crowd.

Please contact us if you would like further information relating to our own linen service.